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Create Your Account

The Gruntwork Developer Portal provides access to all resources included in your Gruntwork subscription. Activating your account will grant access to the Gruntwork IaC Library and our DevOps training courses. Admins can also manage their team and invite additional members.

1. Accept your invitation

You’ll receive an invitation email from prompting you to sign in and set up your account. Click on the button in the invitation email.

After reviewing the privacy policy and website terms, check the box to indicate your agreement. You can then proceed to accept your invitation using only the email address to which the invite was sent. If it's a Google email, click Continue With Google; otherwise, enter your name and click Continue with Email.


The first invitation email sent following the purchase of a new subscription may be forwarded to the appropriate admin for the team.

2. Confirm your email address

If you continue with email, you’ll be prompted to check your inbox. Gruntwork uses a passwordless email authentication flow each time you sign in. Just click the link in that email to finish signing in.

If you receive an error indicating that the link has expired immediately after attempting to sign in, it's likely due to software such as Microsoft SafeLink™ or Mimecast, which pre-processes links for security, thus invalidating it for using to sign in. Request a new sign-in link, then refer to the Trouble Signing In section at the bottom of the email. Select the displayed link text, then copy and paste it into your browser to sign in.


For security, sign in emails expire after 10 minutes. You can enter your email at to receive a new sign in link at any time.

3. Provide account details

If you are the admin for your organization, you'll be prompted to confirm details including your company address and phone number, as well as a billing email. Provide the required information and click Continue to finish signing in.