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Known errors

There are a few reasons your call to destroy may fail:

  1. Terraform bugs: Terraform has a couple bugs (18197 and 17862) that may give the following error when you run destroy:

    variable "xxx" is nil, but no error was reported

    This usually happens when the module already had destroy called on it previously and you re-run destroy. In this case, your best bet is to skip over that module with the --terragrunt-exclude-dir (as shown in the previous) section.

  2. Missing dependencies: If you delete modules in the wrong order, as discussed in the Pre-requisite: understand module dependencies section, then when you try to destroy on a module that's missing one of its dependencies, you'll get an error about a data source being unable to find the data it's looking for. Unfortunately, there are no good solutions in this scenario, just a few nasty workarounds:

    1. Run apply to temporarily bring back the dependencies.
    2. Update the code to temporarily remove the dependencies and replace them with some mock data.