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The pages in this section contain the reference information for the Gruntwork Service Catalog for AWS. The Service Catalog consists of a number of reusable, customizable, battle-tested, production-grade infrastructure-as-code services that you can use to deploy and manage your infrastructure, including Docker orchestration, EC2 orchestration, load balancing, networking, databases, caches, monitoring, alerting, CI/CD, secrets management, VPN, and much more. Under the hood, these services are built using modules from the Gruntwork Infrastructure as Code Library.


  • Deploy production-grade infrastructure in minutes by using off-the-shelf, battle-tested services.
  • Build on top of infrastructure code that has been proven in production at hundreds of companies and is commercially supported and maintained by Gruntwork.
  • Each service exposes a number of input variables that give you deep control over its behavior: e.g., what VPCs and subnets to use, what to do for log aggregation, how to manage SSH and VPN access, how to manage secrets, and so on.
  • Each service is defined as code, so you can customize the behavior even further by either extending or forking the module.