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ECS Deploy Runner

Newer Version Available

This documentation pertains to an old version of Gruntwork Pipelines which used the ECS Deploy Runner. Click here to view documentation for the most recent version.

Gruntwork Pipelines is a framework that enables you to use your preferred CI tool to securely run an end-to-end pipeline for infrastructure code (Terraform) and app code (Docker or Packer). Rather than replace your existing CI/CD provider, Gruntwork Pipelines is designed to enhance the security of your existing tool.

Without Gruntwork Pipelines, CI/CD tools require admin level credentials to any AWS account where you deploy infrastructure. This makes it trivial for anyone with access to your CI/CD system to access AWS credentials with permissions greater than they might otherwise need. Gruntwork Pipelines allows a highly restricted set of permissions to be supplied to the CI/CD tool while infrastructure related permissions reside safely within your own AWS account. This reduces the exposure of your high value AWS secrets.