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About IaC Foundations

The IaC Foundations component is focused on:

  • Teaching you the considerations to think about when coming up with your foundational Terraform/OpenTofu and Terragrunt patterns
  • Giving you a fully configured set of git repositories with an initial folder structure

What's included

  • Strategy. We recommend core patterns your Terragrunt and Terraform/OpenTofu git repo needs to incorporate to scale effectively.
  • IaC Modules. No IaC modules are needed for this component.
  • Tooling. We recommend Terragrunt to effectively use Terraform/OpenTofu at scale.
  • Setup. We grant you access to a sophisticated git repo template that includes customization options and generates your repo code.
  • Updates. We publish ongoing updates to IaC foundational patterns and will write patches if applicable to adopt those changes.

IaC foundations considerations

When creating your initial Terraform/OpenTofu and Terragrunt infrastructure, there are a number of patterns you need to consider how to solve, including:

  • How to create the backend (e.g. S3 bucket) for storing Terraform state
  • How to structure your folder hierarchy
  • How to handle tagging and labels
  • Whether to use branches per environment
  • How to handle global variables
  • How to handle module default values

This component includes either pre-baked implementations that address these considerations, or written guidance on how to incorporate them yourself.