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Initial setup

To set up IaC Foundations, we use three pre-configured git repository templates that include best practices and also allow for customization.

For each repository below, navigate to the template repository and select Use this template -> Create a new Repository. This will initiate repository creation. You should select your org as the owner, add a description if you like, make sure you are creating a private repo, and click Create repository.

The repository template will be created, and you can follow the instructions in the README to bootstrap your IaC Foundations. Gruntwork is available to assist with questions around other patterns as they arise.

Infrastructure Live Template

This template creates an infrastructure-live repository with scaffolding for a best practices Terragrunt configuration, including patterns for module defaults, global variables, and account baselines. It also configures Gruntwork Pipelines, which is easy to remove if you don't want it.

Infrastructure Modules Template

This template creates an empty infrastructure-modules repository that will be used to store Terraform/OpenTofu modules that your organization has authored and intends to use within your organization.

Infrastructure Pipelines Template

This template is only necessary if you plan on implementing Gruntwork Pipelines.