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Try out the ECS Deploy Runner

At this point, you can see if the ECS Deploy Runner can be used to deploy your infrastructure. To test, use the infrastructure-deployer CLI.

To use the infrastructure-deployer CLI, use gruntwork-install to install a pre-compiled version for your system:

gruntwork-install --binary-name "infrastructure-deployer" --repo "" --tag "v0.27.2"

Then, invoke the infrastructure-deployer against the master branch of your live infrastructure to run a plan on the vpc-mgmt module (don’t forget to assume the role):

# NOTE: you should assume the IAM role allow-auto-deploy-from-other-accounts before running this step
infrastructure-deployer --aws-region "us-east-2" -- \
terraform-planner infrastructure-deploy-script \
--ref "master" \
--binary "terragrunt" \
--command "plan" \
--deploy-path "production/us-east-2/prod/networking/vpc-mgmt"

If everything is set up correctly, you should see a stream of logs that indicate a terragrunt plan running on the vpc-mgmt module.


We don’t specify the infrastructure-live repository in the command. The ECS Deploy Runner will automatically select the provided infrastructure-live repository when var.terraform_planner_config.infrastructure_live_repositories and var.terraform_applier_config.infrastructure_live_repositories is a list with a single item.

You can see all the containers and scripts that you can invoke using the infrastructure-deployer by running the --describe-containers command:

infrastructure-deployer --describe-containers --aws-region us-west-2

Running this command will provide output similar to below:

INFO[2020-08-17T10:00:44-05:00] The Lambda function arn:aws:lambda:ca-central-1:738755648600:function:7kr4n5-ecs-deploy-runner-gmvitx-invoker supports the following containers (container is in bold):  name=infrastructure-deployer
INFO[2020-08-17T10:00:44-05:00] terraform-applier
INFO[2020-08-17T10:00:44-05:00] infrastructure-deploy-script
INFO[2020-08-17T10:00:44-05:00] terraform-update-variable
INFO[2020-08-17T10:00:44-05:00] terraform-planner
INFO[2020-08-17T10:00:44-05:00] infrastructure-deploy-script