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How Gruntwork can help

Don't reinvent the wheel

At this point, you've now seen the Gruntwork Production Framework. It consists of several ingredients that, if you put them in place, will make your organization more successful in the cloud. You could build all of these ingredients from scratch, but why reinvent the wheel?

Do it yourselfHire a consultantSubscribe to Gruntwork
Starting pointFrom scratchFrom scratchLeverage 6+ years and 350,000+ lines of battle-tested code proven in prod
IncentivesMinimize investment of timeMaximize billable hoursMaximize utility from a reusable library of code
Scope of workVaries depending on team knowledge and time availableVaries depending on consultant knowledge and budget availableEnd-to-end, modular architecture that fulfills the production-grade checklist
Time to launch6 – 36 months
(highly variable)
6 – 36 months
(highly variable)
5 – 20 days
(highly predictable)
Monthly cost$16,000 – $32,000 per month
(2 devs, $100k – $200k / year)
$32,000 – $64,000 per month
(2 devs, $100 – $200 / hour)
$795 per month
Docs, testsNoneNoneThorough documentation and automated tests
MaintenanceNoneNoneOn-going maintenance, updates, security patches
SupportNoneNoneCommercial support

At Gruntwork, we offer best-of-breed, off-the-shelf solutions for each of these ingredients. These solutions can reduce the up-front work by 90%, saving your organization months or years. Moreover, we've been working on these ingredients for many years, and hundreds of companies have used them to go to production, so what we offer will be higher quality than anything you build from scratch. Finally, we provide commercial maintenance and support for all of these ingredients, so we can reduce the work to keep up-to-date with all the latest changes by 90% as well!

Gruntwork solutions

Here's an overview of each ingredient and the off-the-shelf solutions available at Gruntwork:

IngredientHow Gruntwork Helps
Service CatalogGruntwork Standard Service Catalog: an off-the-shelf, best-of-breed Service Catalog designed for AWS.

Gruntwork Compliance Service Catalog: an off-the-shelf, best-of-breed Service Catalog that is compliant out-of-the-box with the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark.
Landing ZoneGruntwork Landing Zone: create and manage secure AWS account baselines using Terraform.
CI / CD PipelineGruntwork Pipelines: the most secure CI / CD pipeline for both app and infrastructure code.
Self-ServiceTerragrunt + Gruntwork Pipelines: DRY Terraform code plus a GitOps-driven CI / CD pipline for running plan, apply, and destroy.

Terraform Cloud / Enterprise: the Service Catalog can also be used with HashiCorp's Terraform web UI.
Automatic UpdateGruntwork Patcher with dedicated support for updating infrastructure code.

Try it out

Ready to try Gruntwork out? Sign up on our website now! Otherwise, if you still have questions, please contact sales.