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Gruntwork release 2022-06

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This page is lists all the updates to the Gruntwork Infrastructure as Code Library that were released in 2022-06. For instructions on how to use these updates in your code, check out the updating documentation.

Here are the repos that were updated:



Published: 6/8/2022 | Release notes Upgraded various dependencies to the latest version.



Published: 6/2/2022 | Release notes

This is a backward incompatible releaese

Starting this release, the following repos are no longer being copied. All of these repos were put on hold as of February 2022 and are no longer being maintained by Gruntwork.

If you wish to include any of these repos, please fork and build a new version of the repo-copier with the repos you need uncommented.

  • gruntwork-io/terraform-aws-influx
  • gruntwork-io/terraform-aws-zookeeper
  • gruntwork-io/terraform-aws-kafka
  • gruntwork-io/terraform-aws-elk
  • gruntwork-io/infrastructure-live-acme
  • gruntwork-io/infrastructure-modules-acme
  • gruntwork-io/sample-app-frontend-acme
  • gruntwork-io/cis-infrastructure-modules-acme
  • gruntwork-io/cis-infrastructure-live-acme
  • gruntwork-io/sample-app-backend-acme
  • gruntwork-io/infrastructure-modules-multi-account-acme
  • gruntwork-io/infrastructure-live-multi-account-acme
  • gruntwork-io/sample-app-backend-multi-account-acme
  • gruntwork-io/sample-app-frontend-multi-account-acme
  • gruntwork-io/terraform-aws-sam
  • gruntwork-io/terraform-aws-couchbase
  • gruntwork-io/terraform-helm-gke-exts
  • gruntwork-io/terraform-google-static-assets
  • gruntwork-io/terraform-google-load-balancer
  • gruntwork-io/terraform-google-influx
  • gruntwork-io/terraform-google-sql
  • gruntwork-io/terraform-google-security
  • gruntwork-io/terraform-google-ci
  • gruntwork-io/terraform-google-gke
  • gruntwork-io/terraform-google-network
  • hashicorp/terraform-aws-vault
  • hashicorp/terraform-aws-consul
  • hashicorp/terraform-aws-nomad
  • hashicorp/terraform-google-vault
  • hashicorp/terraform-google-consul
  • hashicorp/terraform-google-nomad



Published: 6/21/2022 | Modules affected: asg-instance-refresh, asg-rolling-deploy, server-group | Release notes

  • Unlock AWS provider v4. Require minimum 3.75.1. This update includes a few tests that make sure upgrading to this module from the last release is easy. However, you may need to bump your AWS provider version. See the migration guide notes below for more.


Published: 6/13/2022 | Modules affected: asg-rolling-deploy | Release notes

  • Added max_instance_lifetime var to asg-rolling-deploy module


Published: 6/6/2022 | Modules affected: asg-rolling-deploy, server-group | Release notes

  • Updated examples to be compatible with terraform-provider-aws v4.
  • Updated tests to include additional cases and OSes.
  • Support for python2 has been dropped. All modules that depend on python now require python 3, and calls out to python3 directly. Most users should not be impacted by this change, as almost all operating systems ship with python3 now.



Published: 6/27/2022 | Modules affected: ecs-deploy-runner, infrastructure-deployer | Release notes

  • Updated the Fargate platform version to default to 1.4.0 instead of 1.3.0.
  • Fixed bug where very short ECS tasks oftentimes end up with no streaming logs despite the logs showing up in CloudWatch. We have identified this to be a race condition between retrieving log events and the first logs to show up from the ECS task. This is addressed by adding a short delay between the ECS task starting, and the infrastructure-deployer CLI reading log events.


Published: 6/9/2022 | Modules affected: ecs-deploy-runner-standard-configuration, infrastructure-deploy-script | Release notes

  • Added the ability to ecs-deploy-runner to init and update submodules in the infra live repo.


Published: 6/6/2022 | Modules affected: jenkins-server | Release notes

  • Updated dependency terraform-aws-asg from v0.13.0 to v0.18.0 in jenkins-server module.


Published: 6/6/2022 | Modules affected: test/upgrades | Release notes

  • Updated upgrade testing framework to run apply -refresh-only to avoid terraform output changes causing resource counting to fail.


Published: 6/3/2022 | Modules affected: test/upgrades | Release notes

  • Made the repo name configurable in upgrade testing framework.


Published: 6/1/2022 | Modules affected: ecs-deploy-runner, infrastructure-deploy-script | Release notes

  • Added a new go package for upgrade tests.
  • Added the ability to install multiple terraform versions into the deploy-runner docker container by using the build arg additional_terraform_versions. Example: --build-arg additional_terraform_versions=0.12.31,0.15.1
  • Fixed bug where SSH key without trailing \n was being rejected by ssh-add when attempting to load into the deploy runner.



Published: 6/30/2022 | Modules affected: steampipe-runner, ecs-deploy-runner-with-steampipe-runner | Release notes

  • steampipe-runner [BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE]
  • ecs-deploy-runner-with-steampipe-runner [BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE]

Updated the following dependencies:

  • terraform-aws-ci: v0.41.0 => v0.50.0
  • terraform-aws-service-catalog: v0.85.0 => v0.92.0
  • terraform-aws-security: v0.62.3 => v0.65.6
  • steampipe: v0.13.6 => v0.15.0

This release updates the default version of steampipe that is installed into the docker container. If you wish to keep the old version of steampipe for stability reasons, you can pass in the arg --build-arg steampipe_version=v0.13.6 when building the docker container.

This release is functionally equivalent and backward compatible with the previous release, but we are marking this as backward incompatible out of caution due to the platform version change in ECS for the ECS Deploy Runner. We recommend rebuilding containers and updating theinfrastructure-deployer tool to terraform-aws-ci version v0.50.0 when rolling out the update.



Published: 6/30/2022 | Modules affected: landingzone/account-baseline-root, landingzone/account-baseline-security, landingzone/account-baseline-app, observability/cloudtrail | Release notes

  • Fixed bug where CloudWatch could not access the SNS Topic for the log metric filters when they are encrypted with KMS.


Published: 6/30/2022 | Modules affected: landingzone/account-baseline-app, landingzone/account-baseline-security, security/aws-securityhub | Release notes

  • Added a new option enable_cis_check (security_hub_enable_cis_check in landingzone modules) which can be used to disable the CIS standards check in AWS SecurityHub. These are enabled by default to preserve current behavior. DIsabling them is useful if you are using another tool to run the checks, such as Steampipe.


Published: 6/28/2022 | Modules affected: security/cleanup-expired-certs, networking/vpc-app-network-acls, networking/vpc-mgmt-network-acls, observability/cloudwatch-logs-metric-filters | Release notes

  • Updated dependencies:
    • terraform-aws-lambda: v0.16.0 => v0.19.3
    • terraform-aws-vpc: v0.21.1 => v0.22.1
    • terraform-aws-monitoring: v0.33.3 => v0.34.1
    • terraform-aws-security: v0.64.1 => v0.65.6
    • terraform-aws-service-catalog: v0.86.1 => v0.90.7
  • Updated examples and test dependencies:
    • terraform-aws-utilities: v0.6.0 => v0.9.0
    • terraform: 1.1.4 => 1.2.3
    • terragrunt: v0.36.0 => v0.38.1
    • Various go dependencies.

NOTE: Many dependencies were updated across backward incompatible versions, but all the backward incompatibilities have been confirmed not to affect the modules in this repo.



Published: 6/17/2022 | Modules affected: backup-vault, backup-plan, rds | Release notes

  • Updated backup-plan to attach S3 backup and restore policies to the Vault.
  • Added the ability to specify custom access policies for the Backup Vault. This is useful for configuring cross account access.



Published: 6/13/2022 | Modules affected: ecs-service | Release notes

  • Added variable listener_rule_ids to make sure that external listeners are created before ECS service



Published: 6/27/2022 | Modules affected: eks-cluster-workers, eks-cloudwatch-agent | Release notes

  • Added the ability to restrict IMDS on self managed workers. Additionally, the launch template is now updated to restrict the service to require tokens by default (IMDS v2).


Published: 6/17/2022 | Modules affected: eks-cluster-control-plane | Release notes

  • Added better support for Windows to the local-exec calls in the eks-cluster-control-plane module.


Published: 6/7/2022 | Modules affected: eks-cluster-managed-workers | Release notes

  • Added the ability to mirror the tags applied to Managed Node Groups to the underlying ASGs. Note that this feature depends on an assumption that there is only one ASG per MNG to work around an issue with Terraform for_each and count. If your environment has more than one ASG mapped to the MNG, then it is recommended to call the aws_autoscaling_group_tag resource outside the eks-cluster-managed-workers module.



Published: 6/16/2022 | Modules affected: run-lambda-entrypoint | Release notes

  • Updated run-lambda-entrypoint to support wrapping the entrypoint call in the Runtime Interface Emulator for local testing. Note that you only need to use this feature if you are using a distroless container image for the Lambda function.


Published: 6/10/2022 | Modules affected: lambda | Release notes


Published: 6/1/2022 | Modules affected: run-lambda-entrypoint | Release notes

Updated release pipeline to build and publish run-lambda-entrypoint.


v0.28.3: Additional secondary certificates for ALB

Published: 6/27/2022 | Modules affected: alb | Release notes

  • Added support for attaching additional secondary certificates to the ALB listeners.



Published: 6/21/2022 | Modules affected: logs/log-filter-to-slack | Release notes


Published: 6/20/2022 | Modules affected: alarms, logs, metrics | Release notes

  • Small fix for TestRdsAlarms test.
  • Unlock AWS provider v4. Require minimum 3.75.1. This update includes a few tests that make sure upgrading to this module from the last release is easy. However, you may need to bump your AWS provider version. See the migration guide notes below for more.


Published: 6/14/2022 | Modules affected: logs/load-balancer-access-logs | Release notes

  • Updated dependency terraform-aws-security from v0.65.2 to v0.65.5.
  • Exposed the ability to hook to the access logs S3 Bucket being fully configured in the logs/load-balancer-access-logs module. This is useful for ensuring the S3 Bucket configuration is set up to support linking to AWS ELB.


Published: 6/1/2022 | Modules affected: logs | Release notes

  • Data source update: use aws_subnets over aws_subnet_ids
  • Update terraform-aws-security/private-s3-bucket to v0.65.2



Published: 6/2/2022 | Modules affected: openvpn-server | Release notes

  • Bump target terraform to 1.2
  • Allow specifying a prefix for the openvpn server backup bucket server logs



Published: 6/15/2022 | Modules affected: kms-cmk-replica, private-s3-bucket | Release notes

  • Removed hard-coded AWS Partitions from ARNs. Now the partition is dynamically computed based on the configured provider.


Published: 6/14/2022 | Modules affected: private-s3-bucket | Release notes

  • Add option to enable delete_marker_replication in the replication config


Published: 6/8/2022 | Modules affected: private-s3-bucket | Release notes

  • Added a new output to private-s3-bucket that can be used to chain resources to the bucket being fully configured without using module depends_on (which has quirks that can lead to perpetual diffs). The primary use case would be when you are configuring an object upload in the same module that is creating the bucket, you would want to make sure all the configuration options are set on the bucket before uploading the first object.


Published: 6/6/2022 | Modules affected: aws-config, cloudtrail, cross-account-iam-roles, private-s3-bucket | Release notes

  • Added . to all permissions boundary variable descriptions
  • Addressed deprecation warning for object_lock_configuration on private s3 bucket.
  • Added object_lock_configuration to the lifecycle ignore_changes to avoid perpetual diff.



Published: 6/27/2022 | Modules affected: single-server | Release notes

  • Added host_id var to aws_instance resource that will allow it to be created on a dedicated EC2 host.


Published: 6/22/2022 | Modules affected: single-server | Release notes

  • Feature: add get_password_data parameter



Published: 6/30/2022 | Modules affected: base/ec2-baseline, services/ec2-instance, services/k8s-service, mgmt/bastion-host | Release notes

  • Added support for deploying k8s-service in headless mode.
  • Updated default user-data scripts to prefix the filename with _ so that it is run first.


Published: 6/29/2022 | Modules affected: landingzone/account-baseline-app, landingzone/account-baseline-security | Release notes

  • Added support for making GuardDuty optional in account-baseline modules via the enable_guardduty variable. This is useful when setting up org level GuardDuty access.


Published: 6/29/2022 | Modules affected: mgmt/ecs-deploy-runner, base/ec2-baseline, mgmt/jenkins, mgmt/bastion-host | Release notes

  • Added support for binding additional TLS/ACM certificates to an ALB, via the new additional_ssl_certs_for_ports input variable.
  • Updated dependencies:
    • terraform-aws-lambda: v0.19.2 to v0.19.3
    • terraform-aws-security: v0.65.5 to v0.65.6
    • terraform-aws-data-storage: v0.23.4 to v0.23.5
    • terraform-aws-utilities: v0.8.0 to v0.9.0
    • terraform-aws-monitoring: v0.33.5 to v0.34.1
    • terraform-aws-vpc: v0.21.1 to v0.22.1
    • terraform-aws-ci: v0.49.1 to v0.50.0
    • terraform-aws-server: v0.14.4 to v0.14.6
    • terraform-aws-load-balancer: v0.28.2 to v0.28.3
    • helm-kubernetes-services: v0.2.12 to v0.2.13


Published: 6/28/2022 | Modules affected: services/eks-cluster, services/eks-workers, services/eks-core-services, services/k8s-service | Release notes

  • Added the ability to restrict IMDS on EKS workers (self managed and managed node groups). Additionally, the launch template is now updated to restrict the service to require tokens by default (IMDS v2).


Published: 6/27/2022 | Modules affected: services, data-stores | Release notes

  • Fix variable description typos
  • Add var.preferred_backup_window to aurora module


Published: 6/23/2022 | Modules affected: services/public-static-website | Release notes

  • Updated public-static-website to support restricting access to S3 Bucket to only CloudFront. This will make the S3 Bucket private instead of public. Note that this is only supported if the private bucket is deployed in us-east-1.


Published: 6/23/2022 | Modules affected: landingzone/account-baseline-root, landingzone/account-baseline-app, landingzone/account-baseline-security | Release notes

  • Exposed the ability to add service principals to the Cloudtrail key.


Published: 6/21/2022 | Modules affected: mgmt/jenkins, services/eks-core-services, services/k8s-service | Release notes

  • Locked version of helm provider to < 2.6.0 to work around an issue with the client authentication token. Refer to for more information.
  • Updated the default version of tools installed in jenkins:
    • Terraform: v1.2.2 => v1.2.3
    • Terragrunt: v0.37.1 => v0.37.4
  • Updated test dependencies.


Published: 6/17/2022 | Modules affected: services/ecs-cluster, services/ecs-service, services/eks-cluster, services/public-static-website | Release notes

  • Exposed EKS Add-ons Variables
  • Update various dependencies:
    • terraform-aws-ecs: v0.33.1 to v0.33.2
    • terraform-aws-static-assets: v0.15.3 to v0.15.5
    • terraform-aws-lambda: v0.19.1 to v0.19.2


Published: 6/16/2022 | Modules affected: services, networking | Release notes

  • Prefix base_domain_name references with var so that properly renders it.
  • Exposed variables to specify a custom s3 bucket for alb logs.


Published: 6/16/2022 | Modules affected: networking/vpc, services/eks-cluster, services/eks-core-services, services/eks-workers | Release notes

  • Updated dependency terraform-aws-eks from v0.51.4 to v0.51.5
  • Exposed the ability to mirror tags on Managed Node Groups to the associated Auto Scaling Group.


Published: 6/15/2022 | Modules affected: mgmt/bastion-host, mgmt/openvpn-server, mgmt/jenkins, mgmt/tailscale-subnet-router | Release notes

  • Updated eks-workers and eks-cluster to support log aggregation of server system logs (syslog and auth logs). This is different from the log aggregation managed by fluent-bit, which ships container level logs. To enable, set enable_cloudwatch_log_aggregation = true in the eks-workers module call (or enable_worker_cloudwatch_log_aggregation in eks-cluster).
  • All packer templates have been updated to require amazon plugin version at least 1.0.6.


Published: 6/15/2022 | Modules affected: services/public-static-website, mgmt/jenkins, services/asg-service, base/ec2-baseline | Release notes

  • Fixed bug where alb module may sometimes fail deploys due to race conditions in the S3 bucket.
  • Updated the default version of Tailscale that is installed from v1.24.0 to v1.26.0. This is a backward compatible version update, and is compatible with older client versions of Tailscale.
  • Exposed the ability to configure security response headers in the CloudFront distribution for the public-static-website module.
  • Exposed the ability to link Lambda@Edge functions with the CloudFront distribution.
  • Updated URL in documentation for AWS Load Balancer Controller Ingress Annotations.
  • Updated dependencies:
    • terraform-aws-messaging: v0.8.1 to v0.8.2
    • terraform-aws-monitoring: v0.33.3 to v0.33.5
    • terraform-aws-asg: v0.17.6 to v0.18.1
    • terraform-aws-ci: v0.48.1 to v0.49.1
    • terraform-aws-security: v0.65.4 to v0.65.5


Published: 6/14/2022 | Modules affected: base/ec2-baseline, data-stores/rds, data-stores/s3-bucket, landingzone/account-baseline-app | Release notes

  • Updated dependency terraform-aws-security from v0.64.1 to v0.65.2


Published: 6/7/2022 | Modules affected: services/public-static-website | Release notes

  • Exposed parameter in public-static-websites to prevent perpetual diff in older AWS Accounts.
  • Exposed forward_headers parameter in public-static-websites.


Published: 6/7/2022 | Modules affected: services/ec2-instance, services/ecs-cluster, services/eks-workers, services/public-static-website | Release notes

  • Updated documentation for VPC filter in ec2-instance.pkr.hcl packer template.
  • Added support for specifying the AWS Organizations and AWS Organizations Unit access for AMI access in all packer templates.
  • Updated dependency terraform-aws-static-assets from v0.15.1 to v0.15.2


Published: 6/7/2022 | Modules affected: services/ecs-cluster, services/public-static-website, mgmt/openvpn-server, data-stores/ecr-repos | Release notes

  • Added the ability to configure the IMDS settings for EC2 Instances used as ECS workers in the ecs-cluster module.
  • Exposed the ability to configure minimum protocol version for viewer certificates in the public-static-website module.
  • Exposed the artifact_config variable in the ecs-deploy-runner module.
  • Added ecr:ListImages to the list of IAM Permissions for read access in ecr-repos
  • Exposed the cors_rule variable in the public-static-website module
  • Updated dependencies:
    • terraform-aws-openvpn: v0.23.1 to v0.24.1
    • terraform-aws-static-assets: v0.14.1 to v0.15.1


Published: 6/2/2022 | Modules affected: services/ecs-service, mgmt/jenkins, services/public-static-website, base/ec2-baseline | Release notes

  • Updated module dependencies:
    • terraform-aws-lambda: 0.18.4 => v0.19.1
    • terraform-aws-data-storage: v0.23.3 => v0.23.4
    • terraform-aws-eks: v0.51.2 => v0.51.4
    • terraform-aws-ci: v0.47.10 => v0.48.1
    • terraform-aws-server: v0.14.2 => v0.14.4
    • terraform-aws-ecs: v0.32.1 => v0.33.1
    • (example only) terraform-aws-utilities: v0.7.0 => v0.8.0
  • Updated the default version of tools installed in Jenkins:
    • terragrunt to v0.37.1
    • terraform to v1.2.2
    • packer to v1.8.1
    • helm to v3.9.0
  • Updated various test dependencies.
  • Added support for configuring error responses in Cloudfront for the public-static-website module. This also defaults to serving 404 error responses from a root document 404.html, and 500 responses from a root document 500.html.



Published: 6/16/2022 | Modules affected: s3-static-website | Release notes

Added a new output to indicate the S3 Bucket is fully configured. This is useful for ensuring the Bucket is ready to link to CloudFront prior to setting up the CloudFront Distribution.


Published: 6/16/2022 | Modules affected: s3-static-website | Release notes

  • Fixed an outdated reference in a variable description.
  • In the s3-static-website module, we fixed a bug in how routing_rule is parsed.


Published: 6/14/2022 | Modules affected: s3-cloudfront | Release notes

  • Exposed the response_headers_policy_id attribute of the aws_cloudfront_distribution resource so that one could attach a custom response header policy to the CloudFront Distribution.


Published: 6/7/2022 | Modules affected: s3-cloudfront, s3-static-website | Release notes

  • Fixed bug where the S3 bucket configuration flip flopped due to missing lifecycle ignore rules.


Published: 6/2/2022 | Modules affected: s3-cloudfront, s3-static-website | Release notes

Updated dependency terraform-aws-security to v0.65.2.



Published: 6/20/2022 | Modules affected: instance-type, request-quota-increase | Release notes

  • Updated the CircleCI config (internal to this repo only).
  • Unlocked AWS provider v4. Require minimum 3.75.1. This update includes a few upgrade tests that make sure upgrading to this module from the last release is easy. However, you may need to bump your AWS provider version. See the migration guide notes below for more.



Published: 6/21/2022 | Modules affected: vpc-app, vpc-mgmt | Release notes

  • Removed aws_region variable requirement. Now the region is derived from the provider configuration.


Published: 6/20/2022 | Modules affected: network-acl-inbound, network-acl-outbound, vpc-app-network-acls, vpc-app | Release notes

  • Internal updates (PR template and patches)
  • Unlocked AWS provider v4, requiring minimum 3.75.1. This update includes a few tests that make sure upgrading to this module from the last release is easy. However, you may need to bump your AWS provider version. See the migration guide notes below for more.