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Gruntwork release 2022-07

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This page is lists all the updates to the Gruntwork Infrastructure as Code Library that were released in 2022-07. For instructions on how to use these updates in your code, check out the updating documentation.

Here are the repos that were updated:



Published: 7/19/2022 | Release notes


Published: 7/18/2022 | Release notes


Published: 7/11/2022 | Release notes

  • Fixed bug where boilerplate preferred the variable defaults defined in the variablesfield of the dependency object over the var file values, unlike what was implied by the documentation.

This release has two intentional behavior changes:

  • boilerplate will now prefer values specified in var_files on the dependency over the default value of variables.
  • boilerplate will no longer ask for variables specified on dependency in interactive mode.
  • boilerplate no longer supports bare variable definitions on dependency config (that is, you must specify a default or reference when adding a variable to the variables list on a dependency config.

If you were relying on either of these behaviors, please file a GitHub issue with your use case so we can discuss alternatives.



Published: 7/11/2022 | Modules affected: server-group | Release notes

  • Fixes attachment of security groups in the server-group module when using both the option to create ENIs and externally attaching additional security groups.



Published: 7/13/2022 | Modules affected: ecs-deploy-runner | Release notes

  • Updated ecs-deploy-runner to support tagging of multiple images


Published: 7/6/2022 | Release notes

  • Fixed bug in upgrade testing module find and replace where it matched modules with the same prefix.


Published: 7/6/2022 | Modules affected: ecs-deploy-runner-standard-configuration, ecs-deploy-runner | Release notes

  • Added option --no-push to docker-image-builder to perform only building of container images and avoid pushing to registry.


Published: 7/5/2022 | Modules affected: ecs-deploy-runner | Release notes

  • Updated refs for terraform-aws-ci in Dockerfiles for ecs-deploy-runner.
  • Added patch testing on PRs within the upgrade test runner.



Published: 7/18/2022 | Modules affected: steampipe-runner | Release notes

  • steampipe-runner

  • Updated default version of steampipe to latest patch release: v0.15.0 => v0.15.3


Published: 7/15/2022 | Modules affected: steampipe-runner, ecs-deploy-runner-steampipe-standard-configuration | Release notes

  • steampipe-runner

  • ecs-deploy-runner-steampipe-standard-configuration

  • Added new option --ensure-iam-credential-report which will ensure that a completed credential report is available for Steampipe to query.


Published: 7/6/2022 | Modules affected: steampipe-runner, ecs-deploy-runner-with-steampipe-runner, ecs-deploy-runner-steampipe-standard-configuration | Release notes

  • steampipe-runner

  • ecs-deploy-runner-with-steampipe-runner

  • ecs-deploy-runner-steampipe-standard-configuration

  • Updated the underlying go dependency versions of the run-steampipe-mod-check trigger command for the steampipe-runner.

  • Fixed bug where --publish-to-securityhub did not work due to security token failures when running in the ECS Deploy Runner.

  • Added new option --report-global-to-region which allows publishing global findings (e.g., issues with IAM) to Security Hub in the specified region.



Published: 7/28/2022 | Modules affected: observability/cloudwatch-logs-metric-filters, observability/aws-config-multi-region, landingzone/account-baseline-app, landingzone/account-baseline-root | Release notes

  • Updated dependencies:
    • terraform-aws-monitoring: v0.35.1 to v0.35.2
    • terraform-aws-service-catalog: v0.93.0 to v0.93.1
    • terraform-aws-lambda: v0.20.0 to v0.20.1
    • Lambda python runtime: 3.7 to 3.9
  • Updated test dependencies.


Published: 7/27/2022 | Modules affected: landingzone/account-baseline-app, landingzone/account-baseline-root, landingzone/account-baseline-security, observability/aws-config-multi-region | Release notes

  • Exposed flag enable_root_account_mfa_rule for AWS Config to allow disabling the root user MFA AWS Config rule. This should only be turned off for AWS partitions that do not support a root user (e.g., GovCloud).


Published: 7/27/2022 | Modules affected: security/aws-securityhub, landingzone/account-baseline-app, landingzone/account-baseline-security, landingzone/account-baseline-root | Release notes

  • Updated hardcoded ARNs to lookup AWS partition information to support deployment into alternative partitions such as GovCloud.
  • Update dependencies:
    • terraform-aws-service-catalog: v0.90.7 => v0.93.0
    • terraform-aws-security: v0.64.7 => v0.65.8
    • Test Golang dependencies
    • CLI Golang dependencies for codegen library


Published: 7/21/2022 | Modules affected: landingzone/account-baseline-app, landingzone/account-baseline-root, landingzone/account-baseline-security, observability/cloudtrail | Release notes

  • Exposed the ability to configure cross account SNS Topic access. You can use the new cloudtrail_benchmark_alarm_external_aws_account_ids_with_publish_access and cloudtrail_benchmark_alarm_external_iam_entities_with_list_subscription_access input variables to configure cross account access for various scenarios.


Published: 7/15/2022 | Modules affected: observability/cloudwatch-logs-metric-filters, observability/cloudtrail, landingzone/account-baseline-app, landingzone/account-baseline-security | Release notes

  • Updated cloudtrail to configure object level data logging for ALL S3 buckets, not just the CloudTrail bucket. Previously the compliance requirement 3.10 and 3.11 was misinterpreted to mean only the CloudTrail bucket when in reality all S3 buckets in the account required to be monitored.
  • Exposed the additional_data_logging_resources input variable in the account-baseline modules to configure additional data logging resources on the CloudTrail instance.
  • Added the ability to configure AWS Organizations metric filters in child accounts. While these are not strictly necessary, configuring them may be useful for satisfying various automated checks for CIS.
  • Fixed bug where the CloudTrail metric filter SNS topics were not being encrypted with the CloudTrail KMS Key as originally intended.


Published: 7/13/2022 | Modules affected: landingzone/account-baseline-app, landingzone/account-baseline-root, landingzone/account-baseline-security, observability/cloudtrail | Release notes

  • Added the ability to configure a subscription to the SNS Topic for CloudTrail CIS benchmark alarms that sends the alerts to a Slack Channel.


Published: 7/11/2022 | Modules affected: landingzone/account-baseline-root, landingzone/account-baseline-security, landingzone/account-baseline-app, security/cleanup-expired-certs | Release notes

  • Updated the AWS Config Aggregator to force to aggregating all regions. This is due to the CIS control 3.5 that requires AWS Config be enabled in all regions, so it makes sense to always require aggregating all regions.
  • Updated dependencies:
    • terraform-aws-lambda: v0.19.3 to v0.20.0
    • terraform-aws-security: v0.65.6 to v0.65.7


Published: 7/7/2022 | Modules affected: networking/vpc-mgmt, networking/vpc-mgmt-network-acls, networking/vpc, networking/vpc-app-network-acls | Release notes

  • Fixed a CIS Compliance misinterpretation for control 5.1 (VPC NACLs). Control 5.1 states Ensure no Network ACLs allow ingress from to remote server administration ports, which was originally interpreted to mean that there should be no network ACL that effectively allows ingress from on admin ports, but the popular interpretation is that there should be no network ACL rule that allows ingress from, even if a higher priority rule explicitly denies access. As such, starting this release, the network ACL rules are adjusted to ensure that no rule allows ingress from in all rules configured.


Published: 7/7/2022 | Modules affected: landingzone/account-baseline-root, landingzone/account-baseline-security, landingzone/account-baseline-app, security/aws-securityhub | Release notes

  • Added the ability to configure an aggregator region to roll up the findings to in Security Hub. Note that only administrator accounts can designate an aggregator region.


Published: 7/5/2022 | Modules affected: networking/vpc, networking/vpc-mgmt | Release notes

  • Added the ability to disable private SSH and RDP access at the NACL level, using the new enable_administrative_remote_access_private_subnets_from_self (for mgmt VPC), enable_administrative_remote_access_private_app_subnets_from_self and enable_administrative_remote_access_private_persistence_subnets_from_self (for app VPC) variables.
  • Added the ability to configure the remote administrative ports for the NACLs from the VPC layer using the new remote_administrative_ports variable.


Published: 7/1/2022 | Modules affected: landingzone/account-baseline-security | Release notes

  • Exposed the ability to configure max_password_age and password hard_expiry for the IAM Password Policy from account-baseline-security.



Published: 7/21/2022 | Modules affected: aurora | Release notes

  • Fixed bug where aurora module could not be configured with a restore_to_time setting due to mutual exclusivity.


Published: 7/19/2022 | Modules affected: rds | Release notes

  • Added the ability to configure the character sets for the RDS Database for Oracle and MSSQL types.


Published: 7/5/2022 | Modules affected: aurora, backup-plan, backup-vault, efs | Release notes

  • Unlock AWS provider v4. Require minimum 3.75.1. This update includes a few tests that make sure upgrading to this module from the last release is easy. However, you may need to bump your AWS provider version. See the migration guide notes below for more.
    • Fixed a perpetual diff problem in examples/rds-mysql-with-cross-region-replica. If you've used this example, you've probably already noticed this in your own code when re-running apply. We've updated the example to include the var.storage_encrypted setting in all example code that references the modules/rds module.
    • Uncovered an undocumented (as of this release) backward incompatibility in the AWS Provider v4 upgrade from v3.75. We've handled this within the modules/rds logic so you don't have to update your code.



Published: 7/28/2022 | Modules affected: run-lambda-entrypoint | Release notes

  • Added the ability to configure multiple secrets manager entries for container based Lambda functions in the run-lambda-entrypoint command.


Published: 7/18/2022 | Modules affected: lambda | Release notes

  • Add patch that automates upgrading from v0.16.x to v0.17.0.
  • Adds tracing_config variable
  • Update aws_arn data call to use data partition


Published: 7/7/2022 | Modules affected: api-gateway-account-settings, api-gateway-proxy-methods, api-gateway-proxy, keep-warm | Release notes

  • Unlock AWS provider v4. Require minimum 3.75.1. This update includes a few tests that make sure upgrading to this module from the last release is easy. However, you may need to bump your AWS provider version. See the migration guide notes below for more info.
  • Internal updates:
    • Updated code owners
    • Added upgrade testing
    • Patches added:
      - `v0.15.0`
      - `v0.16.0`
      - `v0.14.0`



Published: 7/27/2022 | Modules affected: alarms | Release notes

  • Add variable to configure how to treat missing data for Memcached and Redis alarms


Published: 7/21/2022 | Modules affected: logs/cloudwatch-logs-metric-filters | Release notes

  • Added the ability to configure the SNS Topic with cross account access for publish and list subscriptions.


Published: 7/12/2022 | Modules affected: alarms/sns-to-slack | Release notes

  • Updated sns-to-slack module to require passing through the Slack webhook URL using AWS Secrets Manager instead of directly as module variables. This is to treat the webhook URL more like a Secret as recommended by Slack.



Published: 7/11/2022 | Modules affected: ssh-grunt | Release notes

  • Updated Go dependencies of ssh-grunt and codegen utilities. There are no updates to the functionality of the CLI tools.


Published: 7/7/2022 | Modules affected: aws-config-multi-region, aws-config | Release notes

  • Added partial support for deploying AWS Config in previously unsupported region ap-northeast-3.



Published: 7/21/2022 | Modules affected: ec2-backup | Release notes

  • Replaces hardcoded IAM arn with a data source, for compatibility with multiple partitions


Published: 7/15/2022 | Modules affected: single-server | Release notes

  • Fixes bug where IAM roles that were created through the AWS console could not be passed to the single-server module because of duplicate instance profile. Allows disabling the creation of instance profile internally inside the module.



Published: 7/28/2022 | Modules affected: landingzone/account-baseline-app, landingzone/account-baseline-root, landingzone/account-baseline-security | Release notes

  • Unlock AWS provider v4. Require minimum 3.75.1 just for Landing Zone modules. This update includes a few tests that make sure upgrading to this module from the last release is easy. However, you may need to bump your AWS provider version. See the migration guide notes below for more info.


Published: 7/28/2022 | Modules affected: base/ec2-baseline, services/ec2-instance, mgmt/jenkins, mgmt/bastion-host | Release notes

  • Exposed the ability to specify tags on ecs-cluster resources.
  • Updated ARN references to dynamically look up the AWS partition information to support alternative partitions.
  • Updated dependencies:
    • terraform-aws-security: v0.65.6 => v0.65.8
    • Default version of terraform in jenkins: v1.2.3 => v1.2.4
  • Updated test dependencies.


Published: 7/27/2022 | Modules affected: data-stores/aurora, data-stores/rds, data-stores/ecr-repos, mgmt/tailscale-subnet-router | Release notes

  • Added documentation for a hidden parameter lifecycle_policy_rules for ECR Repos.
  • Added documentation for a hidden parameter taints for Managed Node Groups.
  • Added support for specifying a custom security group name for RDS and ECS Services.
  • Added support for configuring performance insights on Aurora.
  • Updated dependencies:
    • terraform-aws-asg
    • terraform-aws-lambda
    • terraform-aws-data-storage
    • terraform-aws-vpc
    • terraform-aws-ci



Published: 7/26/2022 | Modules affected: s3-cloudfront, s3-static-website | Release notes

  • Added support for associating CloudFront functions with the CloudFront distribution managed with the s3-cloudfront module.
  • Updated the website S3 bucket with additional security configurations when operating in private bucket mode:
    • The bucket will now configure blocking of public access for the objects.
    • The bucket will now enforce encryption of data in transit (only accessible over TLS).


Published: 7/25/2022 | Modules affected: s3-cloudfront | Release notes

  • Adds cloudfront_distribution_domain_name as output var



Published: 7/7/2022 | Modules affected: network-acl-inbound, network-acl-outbound, port-range-calculator, vpc-app-network-acls | Release notes

  • Added a new input variable exclude_ports_from_inbound_all that can be used to exclude a list of ports from the inbound global CIDR rules in the network acl modules. This is useful for adhering to certain compliance standards like CIS that explicitly deny any allow rule for administrative ports.


Published: 7/7/2022 | Modules affected: vpc-flow-logs | Release notes

  • Removed the log:CreateLogGroup permissions from the VPC Flow Logs. This was unnecessary as the Log Groups are managed in Terraform, and in fact can lead to a race condition where the Log Group gets recreated after deletion.