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Introduction to Gruntwork

What is Gruntwork?

Gruntwork is a "DevOps accelerator" designed to make it possible to achieve a world-class DevOps setup based completely on infrastructure-as-code in just a few days.

All Gruntwork products exist within a framework we’ve devised specifically to emphasize DevOps industry best-practices and maximize your team’s efficiency. In the how it works section, we’ll cover how Gruntwork can help your team implement your infrastructure using this framework.

Gruntwork works best for teams building new infrastructure ("greenfield"), either from scratch or as part of a migration. However, it can also be used by teams with existing infrastructure ("brownfield") if they have sufficient DevOps experience.

Supported public clouds

Gruntwork products focus on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Support for other public clouds such as GCP and Azure may be added in the future.

Gruntwork uses Terraform

All Gruntwork products are built on and fully compatible with open source Terraform. The one exception to this is the Gruntwork Reference Architecture, which uses Terragrunt (one of our open source tools) to implement an end-to-end architecture.