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What we provide

Gruntwork IaC Library

A battle-tested, production-grade catalog of infrastructure code that contains the core “building blocks” of infrastructure. It includes everything you’ll need to set up:

  • A Multi-account structure
  • An infrastructure CI/CD Pipeline
  • Networking and VPCs
  • App orchestration — ECS, EC2, Kubernetes, and more
  • Data storage — Aurora, Elasticache, RDS, and more
  • Best-practice security baselines
  • and more…

Gruntwork Compliance

An optional catalog extension that contains building blocks that correctly implement CIS compliance standards. For aspects of the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark where those requirements cannot be met by modules, but require human intervention, we provide instructions on manual steps you must take to meet the requirements.


For CIS Reference Architecture customers, we deploy a Reference Architecture and provide access to infrastructure code that implements the CIS AWS Foundations Benchmark requirements out-of-the-box, wherever possible.

Gruntwork Reference Architecture

An optional end-to-end, multi-account architecture that Gruntwork deploys into your brand new AWS accounts that includes:

  • Our implementation of Landing Zone
  • A complete sample app with underlying database and caching layer
  • The Gruntwork Pipeline for deploying changes to infrastructure
  • An overview of how to use the Reference Architecture

Once the infrastructure is deployed, Gruntwork engineers deliver the full Infrastructure as Code to you.


Gruntwork offers basic and paid support options: