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Accessing the code

Gruntwork provides all code included in your subscription to the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) library through GitHub. To gain access to the IaC Library, you must first create an account in the Developer Portal. Once you have an account, you must link your GitHub ID to your Developer Portal account to gain access to the IaC Library.

Accessing Modules and Services in the IaC library

Once you have gained access to the Gruntwork IaC library, you can view the source code for our modules and services in GitHub. For a full list of modules and services, check the Library Reference.

In GitHub, each IaC repository is prefixed with terraform-aws- then a high level description of the modules it contains. For example, Amazon SNS, SQS, MSK, and Kinesis are located in the terraform-aws-messaging repository. In each repository, the modules are located in the modules directory. Example usage and tests are provided for each module in the examples and tests directories, respectively.