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Gruntwork versions the IaC library using Semantic Versioning (SemVer). Since much of the Gruntwork IaC Library is still pre-1.0.0, most of the Gruntwork IaC Library uses 0.MINOR.PATCH version numbers. With 0.MINOR.PATCH, the rules are a bit different, where we increment the:

  • MINOR version when we make backward incompatible API changes, and
  • PATCH version when we add backward compatible functionality or bug fixes

For modules that have submodules (e.g., terraform-aws-server/modules/single-server), not every release contains changes to every module. While using the latest available version is recommended, the version that most recently contains changes for a module can be found in each submodule’s reference in the Library Reference.

Submodules show the last version in which they were modifiedSubmodules show the last version in which they were modified

We release new module versions using GitHub releases, refer to the release notes in the GitHub repository release page for a list of changes and migration guides (when necessary).

Example: Reference a version

The git tag created by the release can then be referenced in the source argument for a module block sourcing from a git URL.

For example, below is a module block referencing version 0.15.4 of the single-server submodule from the terraform-aws-server module.

module "my_instance" {
source = ""

name = "my_instance"
ami = "ami-123456"
instance_type = "t2.medium"
keypair_name = "my-keypair"
user_data = "${var.user_data}"

vpc_id = "${var.vpc_id}"
subnet_id = "${var.subnet_id}"

What’s next

Once you start using versioned modules, it’s important to keep the modules up to date. Refer to the Updating guide to learn more.