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Installing Patcher


To install Patcher, download the appropriate package for your system from the releases page.

For MacOS and Linux users

Patcher runs as a single binary called patcher. Make sure it's available within your PATH.

  1. After downloading Patcher, move it to your desired destination directory. If you're using MacOS, you will have to unzip the package. For other operating systems, the artifact you download is the executable itself.
  2. If necessary, rename the binary to patcher.
mv patcher_linux_amd64 patcher
  1. Move patcher to a location available in your PATH. In the example below, we move to /usr-local/bin.
$ echo $PATH
$ mv patcher /usr/local/bin

Before Running Patcher

GitHub Personal Access Token

To fetch information from GitHub, Patcher requires a GitHub Personal Access Token, with the repo scope. Set the GITHUB_OAUTH_TOKEN environment variable to your GitHub Personal Access token:



Starting in 0.4.1, the Patcher update command applies patches using a Docker sandbox by default and will pull the latest version of the gruntwork/patcher_bash_env image.

To run the Patcher update command locally without Docker or in a CI pipeline you should add the --skip-container-runtime flag.

Running Patcher

Patcher should be run in a local Terraform or Terragrunt Git repo. It will analyze all modules that belong to the current folder including its children. Patcher supports source values only from GitHub.

If you purchased and deployed our Reference Architecture and have your deployment organized in an infrastructure-live repository, we recommend running Patcher inside each environment folder, e.g. infrastructure-live/dev.

Patcher Report

The patcher report command is a read-only version of Patcher that shows the changelog per module and its usages.

Patcher Update

The patcher update command allows you to update some or all of the module dependencies in the current folder and any child folders.


All logs are stored in the folder ~/.patcher/logs. To also send debug logs, run Patcher with the --loglevel debug flag.

patcher report --loglevel debug