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Patcher uses for application performance monitoring and error tracking. This data helps us catch bugs quickly and improve Patcher.

Anonymous UUID

When you first run Patcher, we generate an anonymous UUID for that Patcher install.

This UUID is stored in ~/.patcher/config.json and the same UUID will be sent each time you run Patcher.

Example config.json file:

// NOTE: Changing this file requires a restart of Patcher.
// Unique id used for correlating telemetry sent from this instance.
// Do not edit this value.
"telemetry-reporter-id": "a8884e6a-da99-43e3-86d0-f92a3605d731"

Opting Out

You can opt out of sending telemetry data by setting the PATCHER_TELEMETRY_OPT_OUT environment variable to true.