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Pipelines Actions

When a user opens a pull request, Pipelines runs a set of operations in response to the proposed infrastructure changes. We call these operations pipelines actions. Gruntwork Pipelines supports the following pipelines actions:

Terragrunt plan

When a pull request is created, Pipelines will automatically execute terragrunt plan on every infrastructure-change. A pull request comment with the status (success or failure) and a link to the logs will be added when the action completes.

Terragrunt apply/destroy

When a pull request is merged, Pipelines will automatically execute either terragrunt apply or terragrunt destroy on every infrastructure change, depending on the type of infrastructure change. For example, if the pull request deletes a terragrunt.hcl file, Pipelines will run terragrunt destroy.

Other Actions

If you'd like to request a new Pipelines action, please email us at