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Install Required Tools

Configuring your Reference Architecture requires that you have git and the gruntwork CLI tool installed on your machine. You have two options for installation.

Use the bootstrap script (preferred)

The bootstrap script will ensure you have all required dependencies installed. Within your infrastructure-live repository, there are two bootstrap scripts.

  • which can be run on macOS and Linux machines
  • which runs on Windows machines

Choose the correct bootstrap script for your system. Both scripts perform the equivalent functionality.

In addition to installing dependencies, the bootstrap script will:

  • Ensure you are running the script in the root of your infrastructure-live repository
  • Ensure you have sufficient GitHub access to access and clone private Gruntwork repositories
  • Download the Gruntwork installer
  • Install the Gruntwork command line interface (CLI) which contains the Reference Architecture configuration wizard
  • Run the Gruntwork wizard to assist you in completing your Reference Architecture configuration steps (see docs for required permissions)

Install manually


We do not recommend this approach. The bootstrap script performs several checks to ensure you have all tools and access required to configure your Reference Architecture. You will need to perform these checks manually if installing tools manually.

If you prefer to install your tools manually, see the following sections on installing Git and the Gruntwork CLI.

  1. If you would like to install git manually, installation steps can be found on the Git SCM Installing Git Guide.
  2. If you would like to install the Gruntwork CLI manually, we recommend downloading the latest release from the GitHub releases page.