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Extending and modifying your Reference Architecture

Your Reference Architecture is delivered as a collection of IaC code. You will grow and evolve this codebase through out the lifetime of your cloud deployment. There are a few ways in which you can extend and modify your Reference Architecture:

  • You can immediately add any off-the-shelf Gruntwork services.
  • You can create your own services using any Gruntwork modules.
  • You can build your own modules and combine them into your own services.

Use Gruntwork's services

Gruntwork provides a catalog of services that can be added by directly referencing them in your terragrunt configuration. You can add these services to your architecture by creating references to them in the _envcommon directory, then each respective environment directory.

Composing your own services

If Gruntwork doesn't already have the service you are looking you may be able to use our modules and combine them into your own bespoke new services to accelerate your development of the functionality you need.

Build your own modules

If Gruntwork doesn't have existing modules for the AWS services that you are trying to deploy, you can always create and deploy your own modules, compose them into your on bespoke services and add them to your Reference Architecture.