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Understanding the Deployment Process

The Gruntwork Reference Architecture has three deployment phases.


Configuration of the Gruntwork Reference Architecture is primarily your responsibility.

  • We deliver a templated infrastructure-live-${YOUR_COMPANY_NAME} repository to you in our GitHub organization
  • You access the repo in GitHub via invitation in the Gruntwork Dev Portal
  • You use the Gruntwork CLI wizard to create accounts and set config options
  • Pre-flight checks run via Github Actions to determine when the repo is ready for deployment
  • The AWS accounts you are deploying the Reference Architecture to should be empty at conclusion of this phase
  • You merge the PR to the main branch to initiate the deployment phase


The deployment phase is primarily our responsibility.

  • We monitor the deployment and fix any errors that occur as needed
  • In some cases, we may need to communicate with you to resolve issues (e.g. AWS quota problems)
  • Deployment is completed and the infrastructure-live-${YOUR_COMPANY_NAME} repo is populated
  • During the deployment phase, you should not attempt to modify resources in or respond to any automated notifications from your AWS accounts
  • Once the deployment is complete, you will receive an email


The adoption phase is primarily your responsibility.

  • You complete “last mile” configuration following our handoff docs, including final Pipelines integrations with your CI/CD of choice
  • You migrate the infrastructure-live-${YOUR_COMPANY_NAME} repo to your own Version Control System or Github Organization
  • You revoke Gruntwork access to your AWS account
  • At this points, your AWS accounts are fully in your control
  • From this point forward, we expect you to self-serve, with assistance from Gruntwork Support, as needed