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CI Modules 0.54.0Last updated in version 0.50.11

AWS Helpers

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This module contains helper scripts that automate common AWS tasks:

  • publish-ami: This script copies the given AMI to the specified AWS regions and makes it public.

Installing the helpers

You can install the helpers using the Gruntwork Installer:

gruntwork-install --module-name "aws-helpers" --repo "" --tag "v0.0.1"

We recommend running this command in the dependencies section of circle.yml:

# Install the Gruntwork Installer
- curl -Ls | bash /dev/stdin --version v0.0.16

# Use the Gruntwork Installer to install the gruntwork-module-circleci-helpers module
- gruntwork-install --module-name "aws-helpers" --repo "" --tag "v0.0.1"