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Security Modules 0.74.0Last updated in version 0.72.1

NTP Module

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This module installs and configures Chrony on a Linux server. This helps prevent clock drift on the server; if the clock drifts too far, you'll get all sorts of strange errors, such as AWS API calls failing due to invalid timestamps.

This script currently works on:

  • Ubuntu
  • Amazon Linux 2 (currently a no-op, since Amazon Linux already has NTP installed & configured)
  • CentOS

Why does a module called NTP install something other than NTP?

Originally, Amazon recommended installing ntpd to prevent clock drift. Today, Amazon recommends Chrony. In addition, Chrony is a newer, more robust implementation of the network time protocol (NTP). Chrony is strongly preferred to ntpd, however there are still minor differences between ntpd and chronyd.