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We’re here to assist when you get stuck. Basic support is included with every Gruntwork subscription, providing access to our knowledge base and an active community of users. Our paid support plans offer additional avenues for obtaining support, and guaranteed response times. Lastly, our Pro Serve team offers personalized services via paid engagements to help your team overcome any hurdles you have using your Gruntwork subscription to realize its goals.

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Select your support tier below to learn how to get personalized help from a knowledgeable Grunt. If you don’t have a support plan but discover the need, you may add it to your subscription at any time by contacting

With Gruntwork Professional Support, you get to work with a team of DevOps experts who can help you set up your infrastructure, design highly available and scalable systems, automate builds and deployments, troubleshoot issues, and avoid gotchas and pitfalls. As a Professional Support subscriber, you get access to a team of DevOps experts for a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring a single DevOps engineer full time.

What’s covered?

We’re here to help you with:

  • Questions — Ask us anything about our products, guides, or details regarding your particular use case.

  • Troubleshooting — Get unstuck when you’re having trouble using our code library or following our guides.

  • Bug fixes — Raise concerns regarding any bugs you find, and help us understand how they impact you.

  • DevOps guidance — While we don’t provide DevOps training beyond our video training courses, we can help you understand how to apply general DevOps principles to devise the right infrastructure for your needs.

How to reach us

Chat with us in Slack

We provide a shared Slack channel so you can chat with Gruntwork engineers from your own Slack account. Message us there any time with questions relating to your Gruntwork infrastructure, and one of our Gruntwork engineers will respond in no more than two business days.

If you have Professional Support and haven't yet set up your private Slack channel, please contact

Email us

Send your general support requests to You can track your request through our support portal, and you’ll receive a response within two business days.

Guaranteed Response Times

Our Professional Support Service Level Agreement guarantees that we will respond to your support requests within two business days. Professional support is not an emergency service. In addition, there will be a limited number of pre-announced dates during which no Gruntwork personnel will be available. These dates will be announced in the #ask-community channel in Community Slack at least two weeks in advance.


You can access the Gruntwork billing portal using the primary billing email associated with your Gruntwork subscription. Here you’ll be able to view the details of your subscription, add or update payment methods, and view your past invoices. To access the billing portal:

  1. Visit the billing page
  2. Enter you primary billing email
  3. Click the link in the email we send you

To protect the security of your account, this link will expire after 5 minutes. You can generate a new access link anytime. If you need further assistance with billing questions, contact