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CI Modules 0.56.0Last updated in version 0.52.4

Git Helpers

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This module contains helper scripts that automate common git tasks:

  • git-rebase: This script can be used to merge git branch A into branch B using git rebase.
  • git-add-commit-push: This script is meant to be run in a CI job to add, commit, and push a given set of files to Git, handling common tasks like configuring Git in a CI job, checking for common error cases, and ensuring the commit doesn't trigger another CI job.

Installing the helpers

You can install the helpers using the Gruntwork Installer (make sure to replace <VERSION> below with the latest version from the releases page):

gruntwork-install --module-name "git-helpers" --repo "" --tag "<VERSION>"

We recommend running this command in the dependencies section of circle.yml:

# Install the Gruntwork Installer
- curl -Ls | bash /dev/stdin --version 0.0.9

# Use the Gruntwork Installer to install the gruntwork-module-circleci-helpers module
- gruntwork-install --module-name "git-helpers" --repo "" --tag "0.0.5"

Using the git-add-commit-push helper

The most common use-case for this script is to automatically commit generated files (e.g. generated code, auto-filled version number, aut-generated docs) to Git at the end of a CI job. Here is an example circle.yml file that shows the usage:

tag: /v.*/
# Generate a new file
- auto-generate-some-code --output generated-file.txt
# Commit the file to Git
- git-add-commit-push --path generated-file.txt --message "Automatically regenerate generated-file.txt"

The main options to pass to git-add-commit-push are:

  • --path: The path to add, commit, and push to Git. Required. May be specified more than once.
  • --message: The commit message. Required.